Annual Gadya Padya Competition (Sinhala medium)

 In order to study and inculcate Buddhist-ethics and values contained in Ancient Sinhala Classical Literature, the Colombo YMBA inaugurated the Annual Gadya and Padya competition in 1998. The contest confined to Colombo District was further expanded to the whole island in the year 2000.

In the same year the contest was decentralized and held District wise and  in  District capitals. The Prize Giving of this island wide competition was held in Colombo.

In 2006 the Competition which was limited to recitation of extracts from Sinhala Classical Literature was improved adding compositions of poems and essays. An Essay Competition for Dhamma School Teachers also was added in the same year.      



1.  Sinhala Classical Literature for Recitation

Prose -          Poojaawaliya, Buthsarana, Amavatura, Saddharmaratnawaliya, Daladasiritha, Kuveni Asna, Sakaskata and Jathakapotha


Poetry -        Subhasithaya, Budugunalankaraya, Guttilakavya, Ganga Rohana Warnanawa, Yashodarawatha and Lowedasangarawa  





      Essay Competition

 ·         Junior Division Children below 15 years

·         Senior Division Children from 15 to 20 years

·         Teachers – For Dhamma School Teachers only



          Schools and Dhamma Schools Children- from 12 to 20 years



          Junior Division - School and Dhamma Schools Children from 12 to 15 years                                              

          Senior Division – Schools and Dhamma Schools Children from 15 to 20 years



          (i)  Junior Division

                             1st Prize - 7500/= and Certificate

                             2nd         5000/=            -do-

                             3rd           3000/=            -do-

                             4th          1000/=            -do-

                             5th          1000/=            -do-

        (ii)  Senior Division

                             1st Prize – 10000/= and Certificate

                             2nd            7500/=          -do-

                             3rd              5000/=           -do-

                             4th            1000/=            -do-

                             5th            1000/=            -do-

          (iii)  Composition of Essay

                     a. Junior Division

                             1st Prize - 5000/= and Certificate

                             2nd         3000/=            -do-

                             3rd           2000/=            -do-

                             4th          1000/=            -do-

                             5th          1000/=            -do-

                   b. Senior Division

                             1st Prize – 10000/= and Certificate

                             2nd             7500/=          -do-

                             3rd                5000/=           -do-

                             4th            1000/=            -do-

                             5th            1000/=            -do-

                   C.  Teachers

                             1st Prize – 15000/= and Certificate

                             2nd           10000/=          -do-

                             3rd                7500/=           -do-

                             4th            1000/=            -do-

                             5th            1000/=            -do-