Lakshmi Children’s Development Centre (Lakshmi Home) Walana, Katunayake



Late Sir Ernest de Silva, the President of the Colombo YMBA from 1944 to 1955, was a well known philanthropist who used his enormous wealth in the service of his fellow men. He built temples, schools for Buddhist children.

Lakshmi Home for Boys at Walana, Katunayake, started and funded by Lady Evadne de Silva, the wife of Sir Ernest de Silva, through the Lakshmi Niwasa Buddhist Society, was handed over to Colombo YMBA after the death of Sir Ernest. Lakshmi Home standing solidly in a two acre block of land at Walana, Katunayake, has all the facilities for accommodation of 40 children. The Temple and the School located in the adjoining lands donated by Sir Ernest, makes the Lakshmi Niwasa an ideal environment for destitute children to grow up under the care of the YMBA with spiritual and academic development.

The children brought up in Buddhist atmosphere are provided with board and lodging, clothing, educational and medical facilities.

Younger children are attending the Lakshmi Junior School adjoining the Lakshmi Home land and the others attending Hinatiyana Maha Vidyalaya at Amandoluwa.

It is routine and essential for children to attend religious observances morning and evening and observe Atasil on all full moon days at the Sri Sumanaramaya temple, situated in the adjoining land.

The children in their spare time, after school and on all holidays engage in sports and other recreational activities for which facilities are provided. To improve their education extra classes are held, funded by the Association as well as by Mr. Anil de Silva, the grandson of Sir Ernest de Silva.

The children are taken regularly on annual educational tours and pilgrimages by the Association and the staff of the Welfare Association of the Board of Investment of Katunayaka Free Trade Zone. Many industrial organizations of the Free Trade Zone provide meals to the children.

In response to the appeals made by the Branch Committee to meet the increasing cost of meals, donation in cash as well as cooked meals or dry rations are received from donors and other well wishers.

Children reaching the age of 16 years on completion of their O/Level examination are either handed over to their parents or to the Probation Department.  Children who were willing to follow courses in Vocational Training are admitted to the Vocational Training Institute, Divulapitiya, a joint venture run by the Colombo YMBA and the Vocational training Authority.


The Branch Committee -

    1. Major W.M.Weerasooriya (Secretary)

    2. Mr.Mahesh Mallawaratchie

    3. Mr.Daya Weerasekera

    4. Mr.Anura Serasingha

    5. Dr.Samson Rajapakse

    6. Mr.T.P. Weerasooriya

Address of the Home-Devalaya Road, Walana,Katunayake

Telephone - 0094-112260220

Fax -  0094-112260220

Head Office Colombo YMBA, 70 DS Senanayake Mw Colombo 8

Telephone 0094112682397, 2695786.2682398

Fax 0094112682397


The cost for supply of meals for the Home-

Breakfast - Rs. 3500/-

Lunch - Rs. 3500/-

Dinner - Rs. 3500/-

All three meals per day – Rs. 10,500/-.